Thursday, December 31, 2015

#85: Super Mario Hot Wheels - Cool-One (224/250 HW Screen Time 4/5)

I don't know why this exists. But it does. Normally when Hot Wheels cars are based on licensed properties, they are either completely new cars that resemble characters or they are regular cars with some sort of image printed onto the paintjob. They usually run a few dollars each. The licensed vehicles that make it into regularly priced assortments are usually just reproductions. So this is kind of an odd duck. It's a Super Mario licensed vehicle, but it's completely new, and it's in the standard assortment so it's only a buck. The Cool One is some sort of souped up hot rod van with a Mario inspired color scheme, "Super Mario" on the side, and an M logo on the front. I really only got this because of its ridiculousness.

1 comment:

  1. Cool One has been around a couple years. It started life as a souped-up Ice Cream Truck (get it? 'Cool One' haw haw haw!) Neat to see this Mario theme!


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