Monday, December 28, 2015

#77: Batman Unlimited - Batman and Cyberex

This is probably the most toy-ish thing I have bought recently, but it's just so ridiculous that I couldn't resist. It's Batman riding a robot dinosaur. This is part of the Batman Unlimited line, which I guess ties in to some animated movies. It doesn't really matter. The Batman figure is about three to four inches, has no cape, and has limited articulation. He's mainly there to sit on Cyberex's back. Cyberex is a pretty good size, over a foot long. His main feature is that if you squeeze the tail, a big disc launching cannon pops out of his back. The discs can store in the legs when not in use. Also, his chest can be used as a holding cell for whichever archvillain Batman is fighting at the time. And his tail ends in a big bat shaped blade. So ridiculous. In the best possible way.

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