Saturday, December 26, 2015

#73: Star Wars The Black Series - Emperor Palpatine

For the first Palpatine figure in the six inch scale, Hasbro went classic. This is the Emperor as he appears in Return of the Jedi: an old man with a cane. So no lightsaber. The Emperor is an interesting mix of plastic and soft goods. There is a soft good outer robe, with a plastic inner robe. The inner robe is split along the sides, so there are theoretically more posing options with his legs. But it's stiff enough plastic that there's not too much to do. Fair enough, as he wasn't doing much in the way of acrobatics by then. When done with soft goods, the Emperor's hood has always been difficult to pull off. In this case, it is a good attempt. The hood is stitched in a way that it holds the general shape well enough, but it doesn't sit quite low enough for my tastes. I suppose it's difficult to get the right interplay of light and shadow in the reduced scale. Palpatine's only accessory is his walking stick, although some Force lightning bolts would have been a cool addition.

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