Monday, December 11, 2017

#104: Star Wars The Black Series (The Last Jedi) - Maz Kanata

Backlog update: I bought this figure in October, so now I'm only two months behind in my blogging. Smaller scale aside, there wasn't a Maz figure from The Force Awakens. Going by the bio text on the back of the package, this is a Last Jedi figure, but this definitely looks like a TFA figure. The coolest thing about this Maz is that the lenses on her glasses can swivel up like in the movie. Since the lenses don't actually magnify her eyes, they end up being too large when compared with her onscreen appearance. Oddly, Maz is packaged with her glasses in the up position, revealing her too large eyes. But it's a cool touch either way. For accessories, she has a blaster, and the chest in which Rey found Luke's lightsaber, as well as the lightsaber itself. Those are very definitely TFA accessories.

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