Sunday, December 24, 2017

#115: Star Wars The Black Series (The Last Jedi) - Supreme Leader Snoke

Since he only appeared as a giant hologram in the last movie, Hasbro didn't bother making a six inch figure for Snoke. But he appears in the flesh for The Last Jedi, so now he gets a figure. Sadly, he remains as enigmatic as ever, although I assume his backstory will be filled in with a tie-in novel at some point. Although a golden bathrobe is not the costume I would have expected for the leader of a bunch of Imperial wannabes, I will give Snoke points for originality in not choosing a more Sith-like set of black robes. Since it's all soft goods, he's fully articulated, and the costume doesn't get in the way of his movement. In case anybody wonders what Snoke is wearing under that robe, the answer is short white pants and gold slippers. There are no accessories included, although I can't really think of any that would be appropriate.

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