Thursday, December 21, 2017

#112: Marvel Legends Series (12 inch) - Thor

It took a little longer to find Thor on sale than it did Hulk (and then of course, the day after I bought it, I found a better deal), but I finally did, and here he is. I think this is my favorite Thor figure. It's just really cool looking. And it has a soft goods cape that, due to the larger scale, actually looks good. There are two sets of hands: fists and gripping. There are two versions of Mjolnir: standard and partially translucent for lightning throwing action. Best of all, there are two heads: one bearded and one clean shaven. There are also two sets of hair: one for going bare headed, and one for the helmet. The hair slips on and off the heads, so you can choose for Thor to be in any combination of facial hair and helmet wearing that you'd like. I am on record as being both pro-beard and pro-awesome helmets, so that's how I'm displaying my Thor. There's even a loop on Thor's belt to hold Mjolnir.

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