Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#110: Transformers Titans Return - Cosmos

There have been a couple modern versions of Cosmos released over the past few years, but they have generally been hard to find. Or at least, I've never seen any for sale without substantial secondary markups. But this release has been pretty easy to find. Oh, and for the record, I bought this on Black Friday, so I'm now less than a month behind on my blogging. This wasn't on sale or anything, but it just happened to be Black Friday when I bought it. Cosmos is one of the smaller scaled Transformers, so robot mode is fairly basic and has no accessories. But it looks cool.

The real appeal of Cosmos, for me, is the absolutely ridiculous alt-mode of a flying saucer. If other Autobots can turn into exotic sports cars, a UFO might as well be an acceptable alt-mode as well.

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