Tuesday, December 5, 2017

#98: Pokemon - Mimikyu and Poke Ball

Like much of the rest of the internet, I've been a fan of Mimikyu since it was first revealed over a year ago. Since this toy was released, I've waffled between definitely wanting to buy it, to not wanting to spend 10 bucks for basically a minifigure, to finally just buying it anyway. It's just a little unarticulated Mimikyu, with a Poke ball that opens and can clip on to your belt. It seems way overpriced for what you're getting. It would feel like a better value if Mimikyu was released in a two pack with another Pokemon. Which is probably what will end up happening now that I've bought this version. But hey, now I have a little toy Mimikyu, and that's the important thing here.

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