Sunday, December 6, 2009

#138: Ghostbusters Minimates box set series 2

I pre-ordered this set a few months ago, and almost forgot about. Then it arrived in the mail yesterday, and I didn't even know it had been sent. Yay for surprises! I got this set mainly because at the time, the only Winston that was available was the Ghostbusters 2 version, which has a different colored uniform, and is clean shaven. I definitely prefer the original Winston with a 'stache. Also, it includes both of the Ghostbusters I needed to complete the team, and both forms of Gozer from the movie.

So this set comes with Ray and Winston. Winston is Winston, he has a 'stache. He's solid. Ray comes with a trap, so my team finally can actually trap ghosts. He also has goggles which help him look more "Ray" because the face really isn't the best likeness of the bunch. And as usual, they come with detachable proton streams.

Gozer's body does its Minimate best to replicate the odd covered in bubbles look seen in the movie and does a pretty decent job of it. The flattop 'do is in place, so this is unmistakably Gozer itself.

20 years ago, if you wanted Ghostbusters toys, they were all based on the cartoon. Fortunately, the Stay-Puft marshmallow man made a couple appearances in the cartoon, so he got a toy. I had one way back then, but since I don't have it any more, this is a fun replacement. Ol' Stay-Puft is basically a handless and footless Minimate body with a bunch of attachments to cover it up. They bulk him up a bit so that he is noticeably taller than other Minimate figures, although they also hinder the articulation a bit. But it looks good, so I am not complaining.

I'm glad to finally have the team completed, although I am still thinking about getting a regular, non-slimed Peter. I think Stay-Puft is only available elsewhere as an "exploding" variant, so if you want him or Gozer, this is the set to get.


  1. Way Cool!!!! I'm a huge sucker for the GB franchise....seeing these made my day! :)

    I'm waiting to get Winston in his 6" glory frm matty next week (and Peter next April).....may be a bit pricey, but how often do we get to see the boys as action figures? ..heheh...

  2. too. I just love me NECA Marshmallow man and Slimer.
    I am also going to get the 12" Egor as I have just gotten my hands on the 12" Ray!

  3. Man I want a Gozer but any of the other figures. That's always a problem. I want the third set with Janine and Walter Peck, but not the Marshmallow covered Egon & Winston.

  4. These bring back a lot of memories. Ghost Busters!!!

  5. Rebel: Yeah, it is nice to have the guys as toys, although the Mattel versions are a bit too pricey for my tastes!

    Little Plastic Man: You have the NECA Marshmallow Man? Cool, that is a good one.

    ART: Hm, maybe Janine and Walter Peck will be put out in two packs later on. I wouldn't mind having them too.


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