Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

If you were asking for toys, I hope you got them. Unless it's something special or big (like the big Millennium Falcon I got last year) I don't ask for toys. Mostly, I just buy the toys I do want on site, for worry of not seeing them again. And I don't want to make my family look all over the place for something they might not be able to find.

So, I did get some toys from friends (which will show up here soon), but aside from that I got season 1 of The Clone Wars and some video games: Batman Arkham Asylum, Lego Rock Band, and Guitar Hero 5.

The year may be almost over, but I still have a small backlog of toys to post about.


  1. MErry Christmas. Finally you have done covering for the playmobil christmas series. I enjoyed it with deadpool. LOL

  2. woah,what a great shot!! I would love to give you a fav if this is a Flickr stream ;)
    love that Playmobil's Santa!!


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