Thursday, December 31, 2009

#150: DC Universe Classics Joker




At last we have arrived to the final Christmas gift, and quite possibly the last toy of the year (I'm heading to Target after I post this, we'll see what happens). The Joker is from A.J. I'm glad to have finally added this to my collection, it's a really cool figure. It's pretty much everything I would like out of a Joker figure, and it looks good with the Harley Quinn figure. He comes with a cool collection of accessories, most of which aren't in the picture here. Aside from the big mallet, he has a walking stick with a jester head, a fan of playing cards, and a Joker fish. The Joker fish is from a classic story in which the Joker tried to patent fish that he had altered to have the Joker grin. That story was adapted into one of my favorite episodes of the animated series. Anyway. With the addition of the Joker, I feel like my rogues' gallery for Batman is really taking shape, although there are still some sizable holes. This is definitely one of my favorite figures of the year, I think you should get one.

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