Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#148: DC Universe Classics Green Lantern

A few days late, but now I'm getting to my Christmas gifts for this year. The Green Lantern was a gift from James. Despite his appearance in the Super Friends, and the really cool Green Lantern: First Flight cartoon, and the whole Blackest Night thing going on, Green Lantern is one of those figures that I would like to get, but not quiet enough to buy for myself. Those make the best gifts. Green Lantern here is a good figure, although the only uniquely sculpted elements on him are his head and his right hand. Oh, and he has the lantern, so he can charge his ring.

Although it will change pretty soon, Hal Jordan here is the only currently available member of the GL Corps in the DCUC line. Although the Green Lantern I've read the most of in the comics is Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan is still the one I think of as the "real" Green Lantern, so I'm glad they made him first.

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