Monday, December 28, 2009

#144: DC Universe Classics Black Canary

I picked up Black Canary on the same trip that I picked up Deadshot. She's part of the still difficult to find wave 9, which incorporates some extra sculpting on the plastic tray the figures come in. In this case, it's a ripple meant to represent the sound waves from her Canary Cry, a neat touch. At first I thought it might have been cool if she had been sculpted with her mouth open, as if she were giving her cry. Then I realized it would probably be a bad idea.

Wow, those are some skinny arms. I know it's a figure based on a comic book character, so realistic proportions (especially on a woman) are out the window, but for someone that's so good at hand to hand combat, Black Canary should have some thicker arms. If she had bare arms or a form fitting costume, that would be more excusable, but she is wearing a leather jacket.

Other than that, she's a cool figure. The most notable feature is that she is wearing actual fishnets. Since all the capes are plastic, this is probably the only DCUC figure that will have some sort of fabric on it. They could have just painted the fishnets on, and that probably would have been cheaper, so this is a bit of a mysterious move on Mattel's part since they are so cost-conscious otherwise.


  1. Very cool fig on whole. Though I agree about the arms...especially considering the abnormally muscular thighs. Her upper legs are thicker than her waist!


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