Thursday, December 17, 2009

#141: Star Wars Legacy Collection Rum Sleg

Rum Sleg here is one of those background characters that don't have lines or do anything important onscreen, but they look cool and allow Hasbro to make new figures instead of even more retreads of the mainstays like Darth Vader. He definitely looks cool, and that was his main selling point for me. With the skeletal mask on underneath his helmet, I think he looks like some sort of phantom spaceman. In fact, he kind of reminds me of the Vashta Nerada figure from Doctor Who. But Doctor Who figures are kind of expensive, so I probably won't get one of those. Rum Sleg is just as cool. His helmet is removable, and it attaches by a couple of hoses to a removable gas tank that plugs into his back. With his helmet off, I think his mask is even somewhat reminiscent of the goalie mask a certain Jason wears. He's also sporting a couple of mismatched blasters and has a holster for each. Lacking only ankle articulation, Rum Sleg is probably my favorite figure based on a completely random background character for the year.

I had been looking for this guy a while, and never saw him even though I knew he was out there. On one visit to Target, every figure from his wave except for him was on the shelves. But when I did find him, there were two on the shelves. It is a good reminder that patience pays off. Usually.


  1. different and interesting blog...

  2. If thats another Cantina alien, I'm look'n for him next!

  3. Sorry Dan, right planet, wrong scene. He's apparently in the crowd for the pod race.

  4. Whew! Don't have to search now. :)


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