Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#139: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Cobra Viper Commando with Serpent Armor

You may have noticed that I like throwbacks to 80s style G.I. Joe. This deluxe figure set is a Target exclusive, and is somewhat hard to find at the moment. I've only seen the one that I bought today. This set is a nice blend of the old and the new of G.I. Joe. The main reason I wanted this is the SNAKE armor, which has been updated by painting it in black and calling it Serpent Armor. It's pretty cool! It pulls apart, and a figure can fit inside. I was a little worried since this is a straight reuse of the original version, that a modern Joe figure wouldn't fit inside, but the included figure fits inside with no problems. There are four interchangeable weapons that fit on the ends of the arms. And you get to apply the stickers yourself, something I always dig about the Joe toys.

I don't have any of the movie Neo-Vipers or any of the faceless MARS industries troopers, so it's cool to get a version of a figure I wouldn't have otherwise bought. It's a cool figure, and its color scheme matches the armor. He's also a well armed guy. In addition to the handgun, he has a couple of bigger guns that can hang off the sides of his backpack.

Some deluxe figures can be kind of a letdown, but I really like this one, it's a cool throwback. I don't know if it will remain scarce, but if you find one, this is definitely worth picking up.

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