Monday, July 27, 2009

#74: Marvel Universe The Thing

I've never had any figures of Fantastic Four members before. I do have a Doctor Doom in another scale, but that's it. Now that I've got Ben Grimm here, I think I may have to pick up the rest of them as they are released. Of course, the Human Torch variant I actually want I can't find. All I ever see are the non-flamed on versions. What a revolting development this is!

There is a lot made of the relative merits of articulation versus sculpt, and I generally tend to lean in favor of articulation. In this case, however, I think the articulation could have been toned down for the sake of the sculpt on the knees. The knees are very mobile, and because the Thing has very thick legs part of the thigh has been cut out to afford that flexibility. I would have been happier with less mobility for the knees if they looked better. The left knee is the worse one on this figure.

Aside from the knees, I like this figure. It's got a nice rocky texture and has a pleasing amount of heft. They sculpted him with a heavily protruding brow, which is my favorite look for him. I'm not sure exactly what his left hand is supposed to be doing, but his right hand is a fist, perfectly suited for clobbering.

Okay, one other problem. There's no Fantastic Four logo on his pants. Actually, I would have preferred him in shorts. I'm sure they'll release a version like that eventually.

Another cool thing is that due to the angle at which his neck attaches to his torso, his head can be rotated completely upside down. Not very exciting, but I find it amusing. I have a sudden craving for Cap'n Crunch, if you'll excuse me...

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