Friday, July 10, 2009

Crystal Skeleton: the plot thickens!

I ended up e-mailing Hasbro to see what is up with my crystal skeleton still being MIA. Apparently, they haven't even received the figures themselves. I am glad to know that my figure wasn't lost in the mail or waylaid by a Soviet special forces unit. Unfortunately, they did not mention when they expect to receive the figures, so the wait continues.

Of the two mail away orders I've participated in during recent times, both have been Hasbro, and both have involved longer wait times than anticipated. In spite of this, I'm ready to take part in another! The latest offer is for Qui-Gon Jinn riding an eopie. I saved the UPCs from my last batch of figures, so I just have to print out an order form, write a check, send it out, then wait for a few months. It looks like the same Qui-Gon figure I have from the Jedi Evolutions set, but I don't have an eopie, and for less than the normal retail price of a figure, I'm interested enough to spring for it. If they included a poncho for Qui-Gon, that would be a cool bonus.

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The weekend after next is Comic-Con! I am not going, but I am looking forward to hearing all the cool news that is coming up. There aren't many exclusives I'm interested in. Fortunately both of the exclusives I want are from Hasbro, and they will be offering them on their website.


  1. Eeeerg to think I threw out my UPC's for some reason.

  2. Dan, I have an extra UPC if you'd like it.

  3. I did not know that was coming out. If I didn't already have a Qui-Gon I'd be tempted to get that.


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