Friday, July 31, 2009

#79: Star Wars Clone Wars ARF Trooper

It's been a while since I bought any Clone Wars figures. I thought this wave was going to be available in April, but I haven't seen this figure until now. ARF troopers are basically recon troops. It's the basic clone body, with extra hip articulation, so I suppose he could go on a speeder bike or some other vehicle that requires the extra leg movement to set in. The main thing that sets him apart is the helmet, which kind of looks like a scout trooper, and has a weird pointy shape in the back. He comes with a huge gun that launches its missile surprisingly far, and the standard blaster all clone troopers come with. If you like building a clone army, this is a nice addition to your ranks. If you're only going to get one clone, you might want to get one with a standard helmet. Either way, it's a cool figure, like all the others with this basic body.

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