Friday, July 31, 2009

#77: Indiana Jones Crystal Skeleton

Finally! Almost eight months after I sent for it, my crystal skeleton has arrived. The oddly large box it came in (which is printed to look like a crate, a nice touch) was a little squashed, but fortunately the skeleton and throne were just fine. This thing is pretty cool. The throne it comes with has some really nice detail on it, and has a good heft to it. The skeleton itself is surprisingly well articulated for such a thin limbed figure. It's also quite tall. Sitting down, it's as tall as some of my other 3.75 inch figures. Now that all the waiting is over, I'm glad to have this on my shelves. If they had sold it in stores, they probably would have packaged it as a deluxe figure and charged 10 dollars for it, so the 7 or however many dollars I paid for it was well worth it. Now that Crystal Skeleton Watch is over, we can all breathe a little easier once more.


  1. Awesome! Glad to see he finally arrived - safe and sound!


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