Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#76: Ghostbusters Minimates slimed Peter Venkman and clear Slimer

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but Slimer became more popular than the Ghostbusters themselves through his appearances in the cartoon. I actually thought he was kind of annoying. I prefer the movie version, which has limited screen time, but makes good use of it.

Anyway, this set represents one of the iconic moments from the movie, so Venkman is splattered with slime. This interaction between him and Slimer became a running gag in the cartoon. He also has a look of shock/horror/disgust on his face. Unless I get a reguler Venknam figure, he'll perpetually be the screaming guy on the team. I think I may do that, because one can never have too many little plastic Bill Murrays. Like Egon, he has the proton pack and a detachable proton stream. Instead of a PKE meter, he comes with some little black thing. I think it might be a walkie-talkie.

I like the Slimer. The packaging specifies that it is clear Slimer, and since this is an exclusive set, I'm guessing that means there will be a more opaque Slimer being released later on. I prefer the clear version, as I think it makes it look more ghostly. If I remember correctly, he was somewhat transparent in the movie as well. The packaging and the promotional pictures show him with food inside his stomach, but the actual toy doesn't have that. I'm actually glad that didn't make it to the final product, I think it looks better this way.


  1. I like how the stand makes him look like he is dripping slime.

  2. I was kinda bummed when I picked mine up and saw that the package showed food in the belly, then when I opened it I was relieved it didn't have it, then I thought crap they messed mine up, LOL.

  3. @ Bubbashelby: It's definitely better than the white stand he is pictured with in the promo art. The dripping slime look is pretty cool.

    @ Chunky B: If it had been a mistake, it would be a pleasant one.


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