Friday, July 31, 2009

#81: Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Echo

Echo here is somewhat of a rarity in that he is the only named clone trooper figure I can think of that isn't a captain or a commander or something along those lines. He's actually pretty inexperienced, and in fact makes his appearance in the episode "Rookies" of the Clone Wars cartoon. As an aside, if you didn't watch the first season, you're missing out. It's a well done show, and a nice dose of weekly Star Wars action (some people have said it's more Star Wars than the prequels). I'm definitely looking forward to the next season. The events of the episode explain the hand print on his armor. Echo also comes with the same huge gun, and I'm beginning to wonder if every animated clone trooper will be coming with it. Aside from the hand print, what really distinguishes Echo is that his removable helmet has a flip up visor. That's a feature I dig, so it is nice to see it. Echo here stands out a bit more than the average clone trooper figure, and I like him that much more for it.

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