Friday, July 31, 2009

#83: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Agent Helix

I picked up this figure mostly because I think it looks cool. As far as I can tell, Helix does not appear in the movie, but features prominently in the video game based on the movie, as well as comics that take place in the movie universe. She has an interesting outfit which sets her apart from all the other Joes that are wearing either camo or black armor. With her two toned hair and corset, she looks like she stepped out of the club and onto the battlefield. She is well armed with two handguns, some sort of blunt ended knife, a rifle, and a net launcher (that round thing is supposed to be anet, it attaches to the missile in the giant launcher). She doesn't have any holsters, so she can't carry all of her gear at once. A problem that seems to be plaguing the movie line is that the women don't have the most attractive faces. I think that the problem is that they are based on real faces, since Helix actually has a pretty nice looking facial sculpt. Barring any unforeseen awesomeness, I think this will be my favorite figure from the movie line. Something odd that I noticed was that all the Helix figures in the store had damage along the left edge of the cards they came on. It was all minor, just small rips. I wonder if someone was trying to mess with scalpers by making sure they wouldn't be able to get mint packaging for this figure.


  1. I really like this one too - just spotted it yesterday at TRU.


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