Friday, July 24, 2009


Hey, Comic-Con. Wish I could be there! As usual, there are a lot of Star Wars toys I am looking forward to. A new Marvel Legends Deadpool, yay! I'm glad I passed on that Marvel Universe Hulk because the one coming in the Secret Wars pack has a head sculpt I approve of. And comes with Cyclops.

Mattel is sure saving me a lot of money by making Movie Masters and Ghostbusters figures exclusives. It's too bad, I wanted a movie Two-Face, but not enough to pay what they'll likely be charging for one. Same with Ghostbusters; I'd love to have them, but not at Matty's prices. And who knows if I'll find the DCUC figures I'd like. The DCIH figures don't seem to have improved, so until they put out Bizarro with his "Bizarro #1" bling, I've got all that I want out of that line (pending clearance prices).

It doesn't seem like there's much going on with Transformers, so that will save me some more money. Same with G.I. Joe. At least, there isn't much I'm interested in.

Speaking of G.I. Joe, I went to Toys R Us to spend my gift card, thinking I would pick up some Joes since they were on sale 2 for 10 dollars. I ended up passing on them entirely. I think I will only be getting the Snake Eyes with the long coat and the second version of Scarlett, neither of which are out yet to my knowledge. Maybe the mole pod. I did get some other things, and I'll be posting about them soon.

Since I can't be at Comic-Con, I was hoping to pick up the Stormtrooper Commander and the Destro family two pack from Hasbro's webshop. The Stormie has been up for days and has sold out, but the rest of the exclusives haven't been added yet. I was going to order them together so I'd only have to pay shipping on one, but I guess I'm out of luck with the Stormtrooper. Vexing!

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