Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#75: Ghostbusters Minimates Dr Egon Spengler and Library Ghost

One of the first movies that I can remember seeing in a theater is Ghostbusters. In fact, I clearly recall seeing it more than once. I loved it, and my family even had the VHS copy. My brother and I had a bunch of figures from the cartoon line. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the first movie there is a new video game, and a couple different lines of movie based toys. Since I refuse to pay Mattycollector's exorbitant prices, I am getting the Minimates line.

The first set I picked up is Egon and the librarian ghost from the first movie. The librarian is a nice translucent plastic, lending her a more spectral appearance, and she comes with a book that can be kind of hard to keep balanced in her hand. Egon is the star of this set, and he deserves to be. He has cool accessories like the proton pack, a PKE meter, and even a detachable proton stream. Neat!

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