Sunday, November 8, 2009

#126: Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Argyus

When is a soldier in clone trooper armor not a clone trooper? When he's a senate commando, of course. The red robed imperial guards have always been favorites of mine, so their blue robed predecessors, the senate guards interested me as well. Thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon, we were able to see some senate guards in action in their less ceremonial form, the senate commandos. Basically, it's a clone trooper figure, with new arms, a different helmet, and a non-clone head. And blue! In the cartoon, Captain Argyus has a pretty wild hairstyle which unfortunately doesn't translate to action figure form, in order to make his helmet fit on his head. The helmet itself was slightly bent from the packaging, but it fits on the head well. As one of the few non-clone figures I am getting from the Clone Wars line, this is a good one. Since it's based on the clone body, you know it's got good articulation, and the armor looks surprisingly cool in this shade of blue. Captain Argyus is apparently one of the harder to find figures, and so far the one I picked up is the only one I have seen in person. If you're looking for one, it's probably best to buy it if you see one and not wait.

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