Thursday, November 19, 2009

#133: Star Wars comic pack Darth Krayt and Sigel Dare

On the same trip that I found Hawkgirl, I found this comic pack, featuring two characters from the Legacy era of Star Wars (it's something like 80 years after the movies). I only got this set for Sigel Dare. Last year, I got the comic pack with the two male Imperial Knights solely because I liked their design. The comic they came with had them as well as Sigel Dare on the cover, and I wished they had made her for the pack as well. About a year later, the comic pack featuring her is finally out.

I'm not entirely clear on Darth Krayt's history, but I gather that he was a Jedi that was active during the Clone Wars, and that he managed to survive Order 66 and then lived a hundred years or so longer to still be around during the Legacy period. And at some point he became a Sith. Whatever. I'm not too keen on the figure, either. His armor looks kind of ridiculous, and it's all one flat color. I think a paint wash would have improved its appearance. Oh, and those shoulder pads get in the way. At least his helmet is removable. And hey, it's another Sith. Off the top of my head, I have a figure for every Sith that is currently available.

Clearly, Sigel Dare is the main selling point for this set. As an Imperial Knight, she's sporting a cool suit of armor and wielding a clear-bladed lightsaber (in the comic, it's white with a slight touch of blue). She's about as well articulated as any other Star Wars figure and looks cool. It's too bad that Hasbro mostly refuses to release expanded universe characters outside of the comic pack line, because I would have been perfectly happy to buy Sigel Dare on a single card.


  1. Darn....been waiting for Sigel Dare to reach Malaysian soil for like forever! Still not here yet....I wonder if I ever get to see her.....just when I thought of clearing half of my SW collection (thinkin of selling all of the non-OT figures)...I came across your picture which depicts the 3 of them Imperial Knights together! They look superb together!!!!

  2. I don't know how long it takes for toys to start showing up in Malaysia, but these figures are barely in stores here in the US. Good luck finding her! I agree, the Imperial Knights to make a good set.


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