Saturday, November 14, 2009

#130: Star Wars Legacy Collection Biker Scout

Hey, don't I already have this figure? I bought one some time before this year, so it's not covered in this blog, but I do already have a biker scout figure. This is a straight re-release of the "vintage" version of the figure from 2006, and my other version is from the 30th Anniversary Collection's Saga Legends sub-line.

So, I was at Target with intentions of buying The Dark Knight on DVD. They had a single disc version, and a two disc version. I realized that the difference in price between the two was about the price of a figure, so I decided to get the single disc version and a figure. I didn't see anything I particularly wanted, but noticed that the biker scout is part of the build a droid collection, and upon further inspection realized it came with a piece I needed to complete a droid. I like biker scouts, and Imperial troops in general. It's a good army builder, so I decided to buy it.

It's a good figure. Hey, I bought it twice. The holster on the leg is both neat and bad. Neat because it's a working holster, bad because it's so big. All it needs is a speeder bike.

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  1. Cool figure! For the record, I haven't heard of anyone complaining of having TOO many scout/storm troopers before! :p


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