Monday, November 9, 2009

#127: Marvel Universe Red Hulk

I had been looking for a Red Hulk for a while, and eventually I just ordered one from Hasbro. Of course, the very day it arrived, I finally saw one in the wild at Target. This is actually Hasbro's second Red Hulk figure. The first was a build a figure to a Target exclusive wave of Marvel Legends. I would like to have completed him, but I probably never will complete a ML BAF. All I got was his arm. Red Hulk is a recent character, and I have never read a comic that he has appeared in. I guess I just like the idea of an evil red version of the Hulk smashing things. I love that expression of rage on his face.

Along with the other versions of Hulk in the line, Red Hulk is one of the biggest figures. There is enough plastic in him for two or three of the regular sized Marvel Universe figures. His heft is a nice contrast with the rest of the figures which all feel so light. For such a bulky figure, he is pretty decently articulated. His hips are the weakest point, they seem to only function by rotating, so fortunately he has ball jointed knees. Red Hulk has a major case of cankles, but I'm not sure if that reflects the art he's based on. I really like this figure, and I'd recommend picking up him, or your favorite color of Hulk, if you find him.


  1. His face looks a lot better than green Hulk's.

  2. "Of course, the very day it arrived, I finally saw one in the wild at Target."

    This always happens to me, glad I'm not the only one...


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