Saturday, November 7, 2009

#125: Star Wars Legacy Collection ARC Trooper

Hey, didn't we just see one of these guys? That's right, another ARC trooper. It's the same figure, but with a different color scheme. Also his skirt is less ragged and is hanging loosely rather than windswept. I have a red and a yellow version of this figure as well. Collecting clones means a lot of figures that are very similar. It's a gold mine for Hasbro, I'm sure. If they devoted a sub-line to just clones, that would probably sell like hotcakes. I know I would be buying them.


  1. I gotta get this if I ever see one! He looks awesome! And oh man if they release a line with just clones, I am in as well! Clones are the ones that sell out really quick here especially when there's a sale. I went to TRU on the night of the first day of the sale and I can only find 2 of them, and just a few days ago they had loads of them!

  2. You can never have too many clones!


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