Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#129: Star Wars Legacy Collection Jango Fett

This is actually my fourth Jango Fett figure. As the genetic blueprint for all the clone troopers and Boba Fett, he's worth having a good figure of. The first two I got were around the time of Attack of the Clones, and were the only figures I got from the movie at the time. The first one is sculpted in a weird position and has trouble standing. But it does have a removable head which is held on by a magnet. The other one isn't very articulated, and has an oversized jetpack that makes sounds. The third one is more recent and has a poncho and removable armor. It's a very cool figure, but I wanted something that's a little more basic and definitive. I never got around to buying the Fett Legacy Evolutions set, but they have recently released that Jango figure (and the Boba Fett) as a single carded figure.

I only have one problem with this figure, and it's really obvious, so I'm just getting it out of the way. That jumpsuit is way too purple! The Evolutions set version had this problem too, and I hoped they would fix it, but they didn't. Otherwise, it's all I could want out of a Jango Fett. He's well articulated, has working holsters for his two blasters, and his helmet is removable. He also comes with a headset to wear if you want him to be piloting Slave I. They got the blue right on his helmet, why they didn't for the jumpsuit is beyond me. If that bothers you, I'm sure they'll release another one down the line with a better color scheme, but for now this is probably the best Jango Fett on the shelves.

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  1. very nice! (except maybe the too purple jumpsuit..)


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