Wednesday, November 18, 2009

#132: DC Universe Classics Hawkgirl

You know how Target no longer seems to carry DCUC figures on pegs anymore, instead just setting them on a shelf below? As I walked down the aisle, Hawkgirl was the first DCUC figure I saw, because she had been set on top of all the DCUC figures. I've been looking for her forever, so it was a nice surprise.

When Hawkman came out, he seemed to be universally regarded as a classy figure. And he definitely is. But then I found out they would be releasing Hawkgirl, and decided to get her instead. Outside of the Super Friends and Batman, I'm not really well versed in the DC universe, so I don't know if Hawkman is any cooler a character than Hawkgirl. But I think her wings look more impressive because she is an otherwise smaller figure. And really, the wings are a huge selling point here. The wings take up a lot of space, and can be moved forward or backward as well as folded up or stretched out. They are covered in detail and just look all around really cool. Hawkgirl also includes quite an arsenal: a mace, a spear, and a sword. Unfortunately, she has no way to store any of her spare weapons on her belt or anything, so one will always be loose. The weapons themselves are well done, with a lot of sculpted detail. The mace and sword are different pieces than those included with Hawkman. DCUC figures feature heavy reuse of body parts, so I am somewhat surprised that she has a new chest (the top of her shirt is sculpted) and new lower legs. The tops of her boots and the little "feet" are sculpted elements. Way to not be completely cheap, Mattel!

In the more recent waves of DCUC, the "name" figure in each wave comes with a stand, rather than a piece of the build-a-figure, so Hawkgirl comes with a stand. A stand is a lot more useful than a random limb to a figure I'll never complete, so I'm okay with this. As always with DCUC figures, the issue of quality control arises. For the most part, Hawkgirl is okay. Her torso swivel is a little loose, but not too terrible. Unfortunately, the swivel on her right thigh is pretty well stuck. I left her in the freezer for a while, but it didn't help. It could be worse, and I'm glad I didn't break it, but it is still annoying. Hawkgirl is definitely worth picking up, if you are lucky enough to find her.


  1. Nice find! I'm still looking for this one as well.

  2. Sweet find, like Eric I haven't seen this one either.


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