Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#128: Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack Hulk and Cyclops

When I saw the first Hulk for the Marvel Universe line, I was disappointed because I thought the head looked terrible (I find it reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster), so I decided to pass. I figured they would put out a different version eventually, and my waiting paid off, because they did. With the Secret Wars Comic Packs, I was finally able to get the Hulk I wanted. And Cyclops! Like the Red Hulk, I ordered this from Hasbro, only to see it in stores a few days before the package arrived.

The most welcome and obvious change on this Hulk is the head. He's got a more rounded face, and a better haircut, as well as a great expression of rage on his face. Instead of a fist and an open hand, he now has two fists. I think I would have liked to have the open hand, so that he could grab other figures, but I guess he'll just have to settle for punching them. I only have pictures to do comparisons, but I think this Hulk is a brighter green than the first one. Although the only thing setting this Hulk and my Red Hulk apart are the heads and color schemes, this one is my favorite, because it's the original.

Back in the 90s, I had a Cyclops figure (with light up visor!) from the Toy Biz X-Men line, but he was in his X-Factor costume for some reason. As I've mentioned, the early 90s Jim Lee looks are generally the iconic versions of characters to me, but I like the older style that Cyclops is sporting for this figure. I don't know if it's the paint or the plastic, but he seems to have a much more matte finish than most other figures. His buccaneer boots and gloves have separate sculpted elements, but his belt is unfortunately merely painted on. I like that his right hand is sculpted so that he can be posed opening his visor. Now I have three of the five original X-Men, two to go!

At around 13 bucks, these comic packs are a much better deal than the single carded releases. This pack in particular is a good deal because Hulk uses such a large amount of plastic. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best Hulk you can buy from this line, and Cyclops is a good figure as well, so this set is definitely worth picking up.


  1. That Hulk does look way better than the single release.

  2. nice score on this set! Should be hitting my local stores soon. Was tempted to start on this line time and time again, but held back as I need to focus. :(


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