Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#115: Star Wars Evolutions Clone Commandos

Another Wal-Mart exclusive set, the Clone Commandos are reportedly harder to find. I got the only one that was on the shelf, while there were multiples of the other sets.

The first figure in the set is Alpha, an ARC trooper. He's a repaint of the ARC trooper I have from an older comic pack. It's a good figure, but nothing terribly exciting. He's the only figure in this set with a removable helmet.

Fi Skirata of Omega Squad is one of the reasons I really wanted this set. Until now, I haven't bought any of these commando style clone figures. The first one they released, Scorch, was very hard to find, and I never saw one in stores anywhere. Unfortunately, it had legs without knees or ankles, so I never felt it was worth whatever I would have to pay from people selling it online. Then other commando figures have been in somewhat expensive online exclusive sets that I didn't buy. Fortunately for this release, they have given the commando figure articulated knees and ankles. His helmet and armor are shaped pretty differently from other clone troopers, so it makes him stand out among the crowd. There is also a mysterious piece of equipment sticking out from his backpack. I have no idea what it's for, but it is distinctive. Aside from his oversized blaster and backpack, he comes with some sort of small hand-held device and pouches that stick on to his leg.

The other real reason I wanted this set is the Storm Commando. It's basically a black repaint of a scout trooper. I like the look of scout troopers, and I like black repaint "shadow" troopers, so this is a natural draw for me. A while back, they released a shadow scout with speeder bike as an exclusive, and this is basically a re-release of that figure. He's a well armed scout, packing two pistols, each with its own holster.

The evolution concept for this set is a bit tenuous, but it features some cool figures. I'd say it's definitely worth picking up.


  1. I just gave away a Scorch figure, if I had known I would have sent him to you.

  2. Ah, bad timing! Thanks anyway.


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