Sunday, October 25, 2009

#118: Star Wars Clone Wars Matchstick

One of the cool things about the Clone Wars cartoon is that we get to see clones more as characters. So that means there are a lot more figures that represent a specific clone, rather than just a type of clone. On the other hand, it's weird to think that in a few months, they'll all be killing Jedi and subjugating the galaxy under the Emperor's command. But hey, during the Clone Wars, all the clone troopers are still protagonists and they're cool.

Matchstick is a pilot so that means he has the basic clone body, but a different helmet with attached chest piece, the helmet being removable. The helmet has a unique design painted on it, reminiscent of some of the artwork on certain Republic ships. He comes with the standard clone blaster, as well as the seemingly now standard giant missile launching gun. If you need a clone pilot, this is probably your best bet, since Odd Ball likely isn't in stores anymore.

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