Thursday, October 22, 2009

#116: Star Wars Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker

I don't know about you, but when I was born Empire Strikes Back was still playing in theaters. Consequently the first Star Wars movie I ever watched was Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker was of course my hero, and to me his appearance in the film will always be his most iconic. So I'm always glad to see a new Jedi Luke figure. A couple years ago during the 30th Anniversary Collection, they released a Return of the Jedi Luke from the end of the Tatooine segment of the movie (you can tell because both his hands were bare, and there was blaster damage on the back of his right hand). It had an oddly dark tan, and a weird soft goods tunic. The lightsaber blade was also really long. It wasn't the best Luke out there, so of course there has been a lot of chatter from the fans looking forward to an improvement.

Now we have a new version of Luke from Return of the Jedi, although this version is meant to represent his appearance later, during his climactic confrontation with Darth Vader. The arms and legs are definitely from the previous version of the figure, and I'm not sure but probably the hips as well. The torso and head are new and overall an improvement. He does seem to have some slightly odd proportions (look how narrow those hips are), though. He has a couple of interchangeable chest plates, so you can decide if you want to display him with the flap on his jacket loose (as pictured) or not. Also included are a lightsaber (not overly long like the previous figure's) and binders, so he can surrender himself to the Imperials. It's a good figure, and I don't think they'll ever release one upgraded enough for me to feel compelled to buy a replacement.

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