Saturday, October 31, 2009

#120: Marvel Universe Jean Grey

I thought that series 2 of the Marvel Universe line wasn't due in stores for a couple months, so I was surprised to see them on the pegs. In fact, they are even available in Hasbro's web shop. Now there is a new artist doing the art on the cards, and instead of a SHIELD logo, there is one for something called HAMMER. I'm really not up on what's going on in the Marvel Universe, but I gather it's some sort of organization with Norman Osborne in charge. Whatever, it's not too important to the toy. In addition to the various pieces of paperwork that all Marvel Universe figures have had, now there is a stand included. I saw all of the new figures, but the only one I was interested in getting was Jean Grey. The Marvel Universe line has been heavily male, so this is my first female figure from the line. In the early pictures I saw of her figure, it looked like she had terrible posture or was shrugging as hard as possible. I hoped that would be ironed out by the final release, but it's not, she still looks kind of weird. That weirdness aside, it's a good figure, with decent articulation, although I still wish they would put in some sort of thigh swivel. She comes with a little plastic accessory that I suppose is meant to represent some psionic something or other. Her hair is made from a softer plastic, but it still gets in the way of moving her head. This is Jean Grey as I remember her, ridiculous costume and all. Now I've got two of the founding members of the X-Men, and will soon have a third.

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