Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#109: Marvel Universe Human Torch

So far there are three versions of the Human Torch based on this mold. The other two are non-fiery Johnny Storm in costume, one with a blue suit and dark blue gloves and boots, the other with a dark blue suit and white gloves and boots. Since they're all the same mold, they have
the same flamey head thing which I think looks ridiculous if he's not flamed on. There's another version in the comic two packs that looks the way he's usually been drawn: all red with black lines and some flames. That may be a cooler version, but I like this semi-translucent take on him. I like the way the color fades along his limbs, but it seems a little too abrupt a change where they meet his body. Also, I wish they would put thigh swivels or ball jointed knees on these guys for better poseability. He also feels really light weight. His only accessory is the flame that clips on to his wrist. Now that I've got half of the Fantastic Four, it would be surprising if the other half isn't eventually released. When they are, I'll probably get them too, to complete the team.

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