Saturday, October 31, 2009

#122: Superman Batman Public Enemies Superman

Well, this is it. I finally broke down and got a Superman figure. I would have sooner, but lately they've been putting out versions of Superman I don't want: with a mullet, electric version, in the black suit, etc. All I wanted was a basic, regular Superman. Superman is the original superhero, he's the one all the other superheroes aspire to be. He may not be my favorite superhero, but you can't knock a classic. As with his fellow Batman from the same line, he has a somewhat cartoonish look. He also comes with a stand, and a piece of Brimstone: the right arm. And he also had some stuck joints. Both of his wrists, just like the first one I bought a couple weeks ago and had to return for a refund. Fortunately, the freezer trick worked, and now his wrists move properly. I'm glad I've finally added a Superman to my collection, and I think this is a good one to have, since I don't plan to get multiple versions of him.

Batman wins again

Batman just can't help himself.

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  1. Public Ememies Superman looks much better than the Batman figure from that same line.


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