Saturday, October 31, 2009

#121: Superman Batman Public Enemies Batman

Based on the cartoon which is based on the comic, the Superman Batman Public Enemies line comes in two sizes and is exclusive to Target. I decided to get this Batman because my DCUC Batman, while cool and all, just seems kind of lacking. What I like about this Batman is that it has a more cartoonish look to it, which fits in with my favorite way to think of Batman: that he is so capable, skilled, and smart that he can do anything he decides to do. This Batman can breathe in space. This Batman could have finished off the Final Crisis storyline by punching Darkseid. In my mind, the DC Universe is more properly called the Batman Universe, and everyone in it exists solely as punching bag fodder for Batman.

This isn't based on the standard DCUC body, although it is very similar and has the same level of articulation. Unfortunately, this is a Mattel product, which means quality control problems. One of Batman's wrists was stuck, and that's not good for someone that needs to do so much punching. Fortunately, I have learned from bitter experience. Realizing there was a problem, I put Batman in the freezer for a few minutes, and when I pulled him out I was able to get his wrist rotating properly. It's annoying that I should have to do this, but I am glad that I didn't break it. Also like DCUC, this line utilizes the build a figure concept, and Batman comes with the crotch of someone named Brimstone. He also comes with a stand. I would have preferred a batarang or two. Despite a few problems, I really like this Batman.

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