Friday, October 23, 2009



A few weeks ago, I was visited by Spock, as part of Chunky B's Spockcation. My camera couldn't handle the waves of pure logic that emanated from Spock, and that is when it broke. Check out the entry over on Eclectorama to see some of the pictures I was able to take. There are a couple pictures that didn't make the final cut, so if you'd like to check them out you can see the full set on my Flickr account.


  1. Nice photos. YOu are a great host! I didn't know you got so much Transformers cos all I see recently is all starwars. LOL

  2. It's true, I have been buying a lot of Star Wars figures this year. Most of my collection is made up of Star Wars figures. But I do have some more Transformers than those I bought this year. I've been thinking of doing some sort of posts about my older toys, but I'm not sure what to do exactly.


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