Thursday, September 17, 2009

#100 G.I. Joe Crimson Guard

Right around the time that I decided that I needed Tomax and Xamot, I realized that I would need a Crimson Guard figure for them to boss around. And someone needs to do the accounting for the rest of my Cobra figures. Then I remembered the five pack that came out, and figured that five CGs are better than one. It's five of exactly the same figure, with the sole difference being the squad leader has a silver chest. The all come with a handgun and a rifle that has an attached bayonet.

I have to say, whenever I see a Crimson Guard, I think the shape of their helmets is somewhat reminiscent of a baboon's head. Is that just me?

Simian countenances aside, I think it's a cool set to have. It works as an army building set, and doesn't include some minor variation on Cobra Commander, or something like that. I already have enough figures of him anyway.

For more information about the Crimson Guard, please check out Crimson Guard Week, over at Dan's Toy Museum.

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