Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#104: Minimates Superman

This year my friend James threw a birthday party that had a convention theme. As a treat for those that pre-reged on time (RSVPed, in this case) goody bags were given out. Included in mine was this Minimate Superman. This is the first Superman figure I've had since the Super Powers line so many years ago. I have a Red Son Superman Minimate, which I don't count since it's an alternate universe version, and a few Bizarros, but none of the big blue boy scout himself. I'm not sure which set he originally came in, but this Superman is in the middle of quite a fight, so his costume is pretty torn up, and he looks very displeased. It looks like someone is about to be on the receiving end of some heat vision! This version of the costume is sporting the black "S" shield, which I'm sure means something that doesn't involve going to a goth club, but I don't know what. As a freebie, especially of something I wouldn't otherwise have bought, it is very cool. Now I'm thinking I need a Minimates Batman to keep him in check.

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