Friday, September 25, 2009

Joe sale

In case you didn't know, Big Bad Toy Store is currently running a sale on all 25th anniversary G.I. Joe toys, which lasts until the end of the month. There are some good deals to be had. I have been thinking about getting the Cobra "Defense of Cobra Island" seven pack. It's not included in the sale, but it does have some good figures. If I do get that, I might even get the Joe "Attack on Cobra Island" pack too, since buying them together is a bit better of a value.

After my camera broke, I was able to borrow my roommate's and take pictures of the Freddy and Jason figures, so I should be posting about them soon. I ordered a new camera, and that should be arriving next week. I've been thinking of setting up a makeshift miniature studio for taking pictures. I think it will be a nicer look than just setting the toys on the kitchen table.

At the beginning of the week, I sent in for the Qui-Gonn and eopie figures, hopefully they arrive in a somewhat timely manner. If anybody needs some proofs of purchase for that figure offer, I have some extras.

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