Friday, September 11, 2009

Clone madness

I was thinking about the upcoming Star Wars figures for this year that I want to get, and of course that means more clones. At this point, I think that more than half of my Star Wars figures are clone troopers or some sort of Imperial troop. I'll have to count and check one day.


I took this picture in February 2008, and it contains all the clones I had at the time. I think they may have doubled since then, but it gives you some idea of what my trooper collection is like.

I'm almost ready to post about my 100th toy for the year! I wish I'd been keeping track of what I got and when for the previous years to make some comparisons. The 100th toy is already here in my room, although I haven't opened yet. Clever guesses may reveal what it is before I post about it.


  1. Wow that's a nice collection of clones, can't wait to see your collection now!

  2. nice collection you have there. I think we can't call them clone now since most of them are unique already in their costume respectively. LOL


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