Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#105: Entertainment Earth Exclusive Back to the Future II DeLorean

Arguably the coolest fictional car ever, Doc Brown's time traveling DeLorean is probably the best advertising the DeLorean Motor Company ever had. Too bad they had ceased production by the time Back to the Future was released! This recent release by Diamond Select comes in two varieties. The regular release is the DeLorean as it appears in the first movie, and the Entertainment Earth exclusive version represents its appearance in the second movie, complete with Mr. Fusion, a barcode license plate, and hover conversion! There is a switch on the bottom that moves the wheels into their flight positions. There is also a button that activates lights and sounds. Among other things, the flux capacitor and time circuit displays light up. There is even tiny, very hard to see writing on the displays. Great attention to detail here. It's very accurate to the real thing, and as far as I can tell all it's missing is the DMC logo on the front, which I suppose they weren't able to license.

When I pre-ordered this half a year ago, it was listed as being 1/18th scale, but it turned out to be 1/15th scale. This means that Star Wars figures look a little small next to it, but they can still sit inside it. It's a little cramped in there since the steering wheel is kind of close to the seat, but they can sit there.

All in all, this is a very cool version of the iconic time machine, and it's a nice bonus that so many of my figures are sized well to sit inside it.


  1. It comes with light and sound?! That's cool! How much did you get it for? Any link if it is still avoidable?



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