Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#95: Star Wars Clone Wars Commander Gree

Commander Gree is, by my count, up to three figures. Not bad for someone that is remembered for having his head chopped off by Yoda. His first two figures are based on his movie appearance, but he's had some face time in the Clone Wars series, which is what this figure is based on.

Gree here is based on the standard clone body. What sets him apart are his holster, his wacky hair, his bandolier thing, and his paint job. He also comes with a large missile launcher. Nothing too far out here, but it's a cool figure if you're into clones.

Also included in his packaging is the order form for the Qui-Gonn/eopie mail in offer. A nice bonus is the inclusion of clone cash, which is a coupon for five dollars off from a Hasbro Star Wars purchase of twenty dollars or more. That can come in handy!


  1. nice...where'd you get him off bro?

  2. I got him at Wal-Mart, and I saw him at Target the same day. The wave he is in is showing up in the States now. I'm not sure when things show up in Singapore relative to here, but if you're looking for one, hopefully it's soon!


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