Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#96: Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Denal

Another day, another clone trooper. Denal is from the cartoon, and as far as I know, hasn't yet been shoehorned into a movie appearance. Along with Captain Rex, he was the sole clone survivor of a mission in the cartoon, and he's also the star of a cell phone Clone Wars game. What sets his toy apart from a basic clone are the blue markings on his armor, and a rocket pack. The cool thing about the rocket pack is that it includes two projectiles. One is meant to be launched, and is so long that it sticks out through the bottom of the rocket pack, which looks somewhat ridiculous when Denal is just standing around. The other projectile (pictured) is much shorter so there is no stem sticking out the bottom of the pack. It's much better for display purposes. The rocket pack is removable, so if you want a regular trooper with blue markings, this is a nice one.

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