Sunday, September 6, 2009

#93: G.I. Joe comic pack Tomax and Xamot

I was watching some old G.I. Joe cartoons on DVD, and they are really good at selling me toys. The Pyramid of Darkness story arc introduced Tomax and Xamot to the cartoon, and when I watched those episodes, I decided that I should get their figures. While they were still on shelves, there were several times when I considered buying them, but I never did. Since basically everything that's not related to the movie has been purged from the toy aisles, I had to resort to the internet.

One of the neat things about the Joe comic packs is that some of them come with reprints, and some come with completely new comics written by Larry Hama that take place within the storyline of the original series. This set comes with issue 36 1/2 which is mostly about the Tomax and Xamot assuming control of the Crimson Guard.

As usual, these are good figures. They are nicely updated to modern standards. It's definitely a cool set, and my only regret is that I didn't just buy it while it was still in stores.


  1. These guys are the best. Hope they make it to the next movie!

  2. Yeah, maybe they can lead the Crimson Guard to rescue Cobra Commander and Destro (and the Baroness?) from the Joes!


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