Thursday, September 17, 2009

#99: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ejector

Ejector! He turns into a toaster. An evil toaster! With an alt-form so ridiculous, I couldn't resist. Ejector is in the scout class, so he is on the small side. One of the interesting things about him is his face, it looks like a gargoyle. It's definitely different from the faces on all the other bots from the movie line, and distinct from other versions of Transformers as well. I guess with such a goofy alt-mode, he's bound to be different. He's also got four arms, which is kind of weird. He's kind of difficult to balance standing up. Since he has tiny feet, he has to be sort of balanced on the back part of his legs, which could either be meant as shins or heels. Transformation is pretty simple, he basically folds up into toaster mode. The toaster looks good from the top, front, and sides. If you look at the back or the bottom, you see folded up robot parts. Better keep the back to the wall, I guess. I'm glad they made the tail/plug out of string rather than plastic, which would probably end up snapping. In reality, Ejector doesn't have the greatest robot or alt mode, but for me the concept that he turns into a toaster is enough t0 make up for it.


  1. I like this concept - I may pick him up if I ever see him.

  2. I was scared stupid when I saw him in the store. Now that you say gargoyle, I kind of like him now.


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