Monday, September 7, 2009

#94: Construction

Hey, it's Deva- Oh, no it's not. The best thing about Tuesday Morning is the really weird selection of toys they carry, at very cheap prices. As soon as I saw this knockoff Devastator (named Construction, as far as I can tell) on the shelf, I was immediately grabbed by the desire to buy it. And then right after that, I was filled with doubt as to whether this would be a good purchase. Ultimately, the "buy it" impulse won out, or I wouldn't be writing this.

I never had Devastator as a kid, although I did have the dump truck, Long Haul. When the Wal-Mart exclusive version came out during the classics line, I picked it up, but nothing beats the original. This is not the original, but getting one would probably cost more than I am willing to pay, so five bucks is a good deal, even if it is just a knockoff. I'm assuming its name is supposed to be Construction, because that is one of the few words in English on the card that it was packaged on (aside from the names of the individual bots and the choking hazard warning). I haven't disassembled it and transformed the individual robots yet, as I am somewhat wary of it falling apart. It does seem to be made of a thinner plastic than real Transformers, and as I was fiddling with trying to make it stand, the left leg kept disconnecting, and part of it did fall off. There are even faction stickers that look almost but not like the Decepticon logo. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart when I do try to transform it, but for now, it looks decent enough just standing there.


  1. IF I see the same knock off, I will buy it too if the price is cheap. Like you, I never get to owned a constructicon.

    I will share some knock off news this week at my blog too. :)

  2. Cool, I'm looking forward to it. Knockoffs are always interesting.

  3. I have the yellow knock off, always wanted the green.

  4. I have a tuesday morning by my house and i got the same one! I got a silver sharpie to add a lil more accuracy to the figures.


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